KBEC-00155 - Changing a web server's time zone


ElectricFlow Web servers can be located in different time zones than end users. When the date and time display on the ElectricFlow GUI is not in the same time zone as the user, this is both annoying and confusing when looking at job details displays.


You can change the time zone that the ElectricFlow Web server uses so it is different from the time zone of the machine on which the Web server is running.

Insert a time zone configuration tag, date_default_timezone_set, explicitly in the file config.php found by default in the ElectricFlow install directory, apache->htdocs->commander.


After making the change, refresh the GUI display to have the new time zone take effect.

Upgrading ElectricFlow restores the settings to their default values. You must reapply the time zone change after upgrading.


To set the time zone for Taipei,add:



For a complete "List of Supported Timezones", see:


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