KBEC-00253 - Using virtual machines for hosting the Flow service


This article contains information regarding using virtual machines (such as the Amazon ec2 cloud service) for hosting a Flow environment.


Disk Space and Location

Usage of ephemeral storage.For example, on Amazon ec2 most instance space is allocated to /mnt, which is automatically deleted when the instance is stopped/suspended or terminated. If you place the Flow job workspace under /mnt/workspace, it won't be there after you suspend and restart the instance. To prevent this, place the workspace somewhere that permanently exists.


Ports should communicate with both sides. (See the ElectricFlow Installation Guide for ports.)

Recommended network bandwidth of 1 Gb is recommended. If the volume of file transmission between server and agents is low, 100 Mb may be sufficient.

Minimum Hardware Configuration

From v4.2, Flow(previously Commander) had required fewer hardware resources than previous versions.
It was Minimum system requirements are 2 CPUs/2 GB RAM, but from 6.0, it has changed to 4 GB available RAM or more and 4 cores are recommended for small to medium deployments.


Applies to

  • Product versions: All
  • OS versions: All
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