KBEA-00127 - Builds time out after upgrading to ElectricAccelerator version 6.1


In ElectricAccelerator 6.1, after a build completes, the Cluster Manager indicates that the build is still running. The build eventually times out and is aborted. This did not happen in previous Accelerator versions.


One reason this issue may occur is because there is a mismatch in the locale used on the eMake host and the locale used on the Cluster Manager host. This can interact badly with a new feature for tracking cluster resource usage that was added in Accelerator v6.1.

When the locale of the eMake client machine indicates that a decimal point should be expressed as a comma, the workload figure in the end of build message to the Cluster Manager is rejected as invalid. This results in the agents continuing to be allocated to that build. This will continue until the Cluster Manager times out the build and aborts it.

Using 'M' level debug logging, this is an example of the unexpected workload value and resulting behavior:

You can avoid this problem by changing the locale of the eMake build host; by upgrading to a newer version of ElectricAccelerator; or by hot-patching your Cluster Manager with a new ec-accelerator.jar file as follows:

  1. Stop the Cluster Manager.
  2. Rename <installdir>/lib/ec-accelerator.jar to ec-accelerator.orig
  3. Copy the new ec-accelerator.jar into this director.
  4. Restart the Cluster Manager.

Please contact Electric Cloud technical support to obtain a fixed copy of ec-accelerator.jar.

Applies to

  • Product versions: 6.1
  • OS versions: All
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