KBEC-00290 - Deadlock Errors in Database logs


Deadlock messages are being received from the database, but there are no corresponding error message in the Flow log files

A sample error message from Oracle:

Deadlock has detected because of the following query, 
Session 694: 
sid: 694 ser: 34211 audsid: 3792129 user: 37/BRE_EC_POC 
flags: (0x45) USR/- flags_idl: (0x1) BSY/////- 
flags2: (0x40009) -/-/INC 
pid: 62 O/S info: user: oracle, term: UNKNOWN, ospid: 30827 
image: oracle@ussclpddbogp002 
client details: 
O/S info: user: ecserver, term: unknown, ospid: 1234 
machine: ussclsdecmnd001 program: JDBC Thin Client 
application name: JDBC Thin Client, hash value=2546894660 
current SQL: 
/* update com.electriccloud.commander.domain.JobStepImpl */ update ec_job_step set version=:1 , modified=:2 , modified_millis=:3 , outcome=:4 where id=:5 and version=:6


We will occasionally get deadlocks from the database – given the concurrent nature of Flow, there’s no way to completely eliminate the possibility of deadlocks.

The Flow server code detects these transaction deadlocks and retries the transaction, which is why no errors show up in the Flow log – it’s expected behavior.

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