ElectricCommander Course Video - Continuous Integration

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    Benson Ayabe

    If you have an enterprise setup that includes shared build pools, creating separate EC Sentry schedules just for the purpose of specifying a project-specific default resource seems like overkill. With such a setup, making sure that the server-wide 'default' resource is changed from 'local' to one of the servers in the shared build pools is sufficient.

    A better reason for separating groups of projects into different EC Sentry schedules is the long-time problem that happens when a CI schedule fails during an EC Sentry run. When one CI schedule fails, all the remaining schedules do not run. Imagine having a large part of your Enterprise-wide user base demanding to know why their CI schedules aren't running. Separating the projects into different EC Sentry schedules minimizes the fallout/impact of a failed CI schedule (albeit does not solve it).

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