KBEC-00307 - Log files required


You have run into an issue with your ElectricFlow implementation. What information should you send EC support?


Some valuable tips

- It is much faster to upload files to our Sharefile FTP site than upload one file at a time into the ticket

- It is much easier for us to read through output of commands when they are piped to a file rather than given to us in-line in the email. 


Example 1 

As of 10:00am this morning, every page on the UI results in a LazyInitializationException. We restarted the server service at 11:00am and the problem disappeared

- We would need the Flow server logs from 9:00am until after the restart at 11:00am

- We would like the entire service.log (if too large, you can find the appropriate date entries and send us just that portion)

- We would like a screen shot of the exception you received when you hit pages. 

Example 2

We have intermittent Agent Internal Error on certain steps in a job. We are unable to reproduce it consistently, but see it at least twice a day. 

- We would need the following details from one successful run of this job and one failure with Agent Internal error. 

--> ectool getJobDetails <jobName> (pipe this to a file and attach, please do not give us inline text on the ticket itself)

--> commander server log that covers the beginning to the end of both these jobs

--> jagent.log that covers the beginning to end of the jobStep that ran on the error'd agent. 

See Also

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Applies to

  • Product versions: 4.2.x and higher
  • OS versions: All supported platforms
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