KBEC-00336 - Workspace Issue: Agent returned error 404

When you try to access the log icon of a step, you do not see the content of the log file. 
Instead you see a message similar to:

"The agent returned error 404.

resolveFile failed with code: [NoSuchAgent] message: 'Agent '136' does not exist'"

One possible cause for this problem:
If your Flow Server hostname definition does match the Web Server's
definition of the Flow Server hostname
Check the commander.properties file located in the Flow server host:


Make sure the <value> in the commander.properties is also set in the Web Server httpd.conf file

In the Web Server host, check <data-dir>/conf/httpd.conf


<value1> should be the same as <value> 



commander.properties in Flow server host contains


httpd.conf in Web Server host contains


I would edit the httpd.conf file to:

SetEnv COMMANDER_SERVER ecloud.electric-cloud.com 


Applies To:
All supported OS and versions of ElectricCommander and ElectricFlow
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    Suresh Venkatesan

    If you get the same " resolveFile failed with code: [NoSuchAgent] message: 'Agent '1' does not exist'" error even after following the steps in this KB then it is possible that :
    a) the webserver is on another machine and has its own local agent.
    b)the webserver's local agent is not registered with the commander.
    To resolve this register the webserver local agent with the commander on the "Cloud > Resources" tab and is pingable .

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