KBEC-00315 - How could I retrive published artifact at a step?


Sometimes, I would like to get an specific Artifact version within my step command.

How could I do this?


Using getArtifactVersion will gives you the result.
ArgumentsDescriptions| artifactVersionName | The name of the artifact version to retrieve.
*Note: *An artifact version name is interpreted by the server as the artifactVersionName attribute for the artifactVersion in question. This name is parsed and interpreted as "groupId:artifactKey:version"  and the object is searched either way you specify its name. The ElectricFlow server interprets either name form correctly.
Argument type: String |


<Boolean flag - 0|1|true|false>  If set to 1, this argument includes jobId and jobName in returned information. A retriever job is any job that has retrieved the artifact version.
Argument type: Boolean


<Boolean flag - 0|1|true|false>  If set to 1, this argument includes jobId, jobName, and jobStepIdinformation. A retriever job is any job that has retrieved the artifact version. Because there is no bound to how many job steps may retrieve a given artifact version, the server limits the response to the most recent 200 job steps.
Argument type: Boolean


If one of the includeRetriever* options are specified, return at most "this many" of the most recent retrievers. Without this option, the Flow server will return all retrievers.
Argument type: String



syntax: $cmdr->getArtifactVersion(<artifactVersionName>,

Unknown macro: {<optionals>}


Unknown macro: {includeRetrieverJobs => "true"}
Unknown macro: {includeRetrieverJobs => "true"}

syntax: ectool getArtifactVersion <artifactVersionName> ...

ExampleectoolgetArtifactVersionmyGroup:myKey:1.0.0-55-–includeRetrieverJobs"true"">Exampleectool getArtifactVersion myGroup:myKey:1.0.0-55 -–includeRetrieverJobs "true"

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Applies to

  • Product versions: 4.x
  • OS versions: All
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