KBEC-00382 - Mandatory Tasks When Cloning a ElectricFlow Server


Sometimes, a user needs to clone an ElectricFlow server from an existing one to test different configurations, test upgrade, and other tasks. Cloning an ElectricFlow server is a complicated task and could harm the existing environment if not taken carefully. This article describes the tasks that need to be done when cloning an ElectricFlow server to avoid troubles.


Before cloning an ElectricFlow server, it is recommended to read the "Maintenance" chapter in the ElectricFlow Installation Guide carefully.

But cloning a server is different because it creates another server, not replacing the existing one. So we must be careful when we activate the cloned new server.

As we all know that almost all ElectricFlow data is stored in the database, so after cloning the database, we must modify the cloned database to make sure that nothing points to the OLD environment.

The following tasks must be done:

  1. Regenerating encrypted agent session information
  2. Safe the cloned database by following the instructions in Safing a Flow database.pdf and Ignore Server and Passkey Mismatch.pdf


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