KBEC-00388 - Uninstall or Upgrade fails on Windows due to Install jammer where error is "The action can't be completed because the file is open in DHCP Client"


When uninstalling or upgrading an ElectricFlow component, you may encounter the following error:

Error in action ExecuteAction
Error in action UninstallSelectedFiles
couldn't open "C:/Program Files/Electric Cloud/ElectricCommander/uninstall.exe"
: permission denied

 This error may be related to a deeper issue that can be found by attempting to manually delete C:\Program Files\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\agent\bin\wrapper-windows-x86-64.exe after a failed uninstall or upgrade attempt. When you can attempt to delete the wrapper-windows-x86.exe, you will receive this error:

The action can't be completed because the file is open in DHCP Client


To uninstall ElectricFlow components, when this error appears, please follow these steps:

  • Set all Flow Services to Manual
  • Restart the Machine
  • Reattempt the uninstall

Alternatively, you could follow these steps:

  • Manually find the Files holding the ElectricFlow Services open
    • This can be done in multiple ways.
      • One way is to use a tool like LockHunter to find to find the processes locking the file or folder in windows.
      • Another way is to:
        • Open Services during the Uninstall and hitting the error
        • Select the Uninstaller in the service list and select View -> Lower Panel View -> Handles. All of the handles of type "File" are the open files
        • Use Handle to explore which processes have these files open.
  • After determining which processes are holding the files open, You can then manually kill these Processes
  • You can then reattempt the uninstall


 To Upgrade ElectricFlow Components, when this error appears, please follow these steps:

  • Stop the Commander Services on the machine
  • Restart the Windows Management Instrumentation and its dependent services
    • You can find its dependencies by selecting Properties on the Windows Management Instrumentation and then going to the Dependencies subtab
  • You can then upgrade the Component
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