Electric Cloud Support is moving this weekend!

After Electric Cloud was acquired by CloudBees earlier this year, our teams have been working to merge various aspects of our businesses, and our merger of support systems is scheduled for this weekend.

Please be aware that there will be a short downtime window on Saturday, September 14th, where tickets will not be able to be viewed through the Web UI.  During this time, you can create a new case using the support@electric-cloud.com email address. Our team will be able to assist you via email during this period. It’s possible an update to an existing ticket during this time may result in a new ticket being created.  Should that happen, we will combine the old and new tickets after the system merger is completed. We currently anticipate that time window for this merger to be between 11:00pm EST Friday and 3:00pm EST Saturday.

After this merger is completed, we will send instructions on how to access the new system using an FAQ covering all changes, including new engagement opportunities that come along with this move into the CloudBees Support system.

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